Women's March on DC | Washington Street Photography

January 21, 2017

I was very happy and excited to head to DC for the day to march with my sisters! Sad that there's a reason to march, but happy to feel the camaraderie. My parents, life long liberals and habitual marchers, drove down to the area for the weekend and we all headed to DC for the march. Only we had a problem. The line for the Metro was about a mile long, and reports were that we'd be waiting hours to get on it, nevermind how long it would be to get to DC. And the closer to DC you got, the less chance you had to even get on the Metro because they were so packed, they weren't even letting people on anymore. So we got back in the car and drove further north to Arlington, parked, were told to avoid the Metro, cabbed it to the Memorial Bridge, and then walked into DC from there. Quite the adventure! 


Here's a small selection of photos from the day.









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