A Vacation to Savannah | US Travel Photography

April 29, 2017

Last month I took a solo vacation to Savannah, GA. I'd never been, and since my husband was in Europe, I thought I could have a vacation, too. I wanted to see a new place, pretty things, interesting sights, and I did! I walked downtown Savannah for hours, checked out River St. and Bonaventure Cemetery, and even went to Tybee Island. I went to a nature conservancy, too and you can click here to read about that. 


A church on Bull St. 




 A great way to clean up after your dog!


 School kids outside a church.



 School kids outside a church.


 I found these dogs and went nuts over them. We used to have a black cocker spaniel and she had long eyelashes. This one does too! 


 One of many beautiful squares.


 Flowers and archways.


 River St. at night.




 Riverboat and the Talmadge Bridge. South Carolina is on the other side.


 River St. sunset and a Corvette.


 Bonaventure Cemetery and gorgeous hanging moss.


 I was very happy to see the lovely, large Jewish section of the cemetery.


 Hanging moss in the wind.


 A World War veterans' area. 


It really is a stunningly beautiful place to visit.


One gorgeous spot after another.


And of course I found a beautful cardinal to photograph.


 My little cardinal friend.


As I was leaving the cemetery, I came across this arch and had to do a panorama. This is 26 photos stitched together.  


 Hanging out in Forsyth Park.


 I liked the way these two mirrored each other.


 Finding birds everywhere I go. 


Beautiful Confederate jasmine was everywhere. 

 The lighthouse out by Tybee just before sunset. 


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