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When you book a session with me, from the start, I want to know all about you. Where do you like to hang out - forest or beach? Who's in your family? How old are they? What are their names? What do you do for recreation? Questions like these can give me a lot of insight into what you're looking for in a photography session.
The photo sessions are a mix of your ideas and mine. We pick the location, we pick the time, and I'll even help you come up with outfit ideas, if you want.
Why choose Danielle W Press? Because professionalism is important to you, and it's important to me, too. You want beautiful portraits, you want a photographer who understands light & color, posing & space, you want to work with someone who's familiar with the area, who knows all the prettiest places or the coolest urban settings in Annapolis, and I want to work with you.

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