Due to the 2020 Pandemic, 

I will wear a mask at all sessions 

and require that all my clients 

wear masks in between locations

and photographs. Safety first for 

my clients! Thank you for 

understanding. We will no longer pick your photos together; rather I will send you your gallery and you can choose from the comfort of your home. 

Your Experience


When you book a session with me, from the start, I want to know all about you. Where do you like to hang out - forest or beach? Who's in your family? How old are they? What are their names? What do you do for recreation? Questions like these can give me a lot of insight into what you're looking for in a photography session.


The photo sessions are a mix of your ideas and mine. We pick the location, we pick the time, and I'll even help you come up with outfit ideas, if you want.


After the big day, once I've edited your session, we'll meet again to look at your photos. You'll pick either 10 or 20 of your favorites, and you'll be able to download them later that day. I'll also urge you to order prints, preferably from me because I work with top of the line professional labs. I love the idea of the art I've created for you being printed by labs who understand color, paper quality, even composition. Quality is an important part of my job, and I want you to have a superior product in the end. 

Why choose Danielle W Press? Because professionalism is important to you, and it's important to me, too. You want beautiful portraits, you want a photographer who understands light & color, posing & space, you want to work with someone who's familiar with the area, who knows all the prettiest places or the coolest urban settings in Annapolis, and I want to work with you.